Education and Employment Initiative

E2I (2in)

Are you an active duty recovering Service member (RSM) looking for an education and employment opportunity to help you prepare for your transition?

E2I collaborated with NAVSEA's Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) Command University.  From April 16-20, 2012, E2I and NNSY sponsored a one-week, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training class for Wounded Warriors.  The class was taught at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital.  Twenty-one recovering Service members were formally introduced to the world of business process improvement.  By participating in this training, these transitioning Warriors made themselves competitive in the 21st century workforce and are now able to: - Understand and gain insight into the corporate culture of process improvement - Recognize key differences between military and corporate culture - Build upon existing military skills and qualities such as a strong work ethic, problem solving, functioning as a member of a team, and attention to detail

E2I and NAVSEA’s Norfolk Naval Shipyard Command University sponsored a one-week, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training class at Portsmouth Naval Hospital for Wounded Warriors. Twenty-one recovering Service members wereintroduced to the world of business process improvement.

The Education and Employment Initiative (E2I) is a Department of Defense (DoD) program that assists RSMs early in their recovery process to identify their skills and match them with the education and career opportunities that will help them successfully transition to civilian life. 

Our 10 Regional Coordinators work across the nation with Military Departments, Federal Agencies, the private sector, and institutions to locate training, employment, and education opportunities for you.  But their commitment doesn’t end there – they provide expert education and career guidance throughout your recovery and transition into a successful, productive civilian life.  

The Regional Coordinators are available to develop career decisions, post-secondary/graduate/professional school plans, employment plans, and/or job search competencies.

You are part of a tremendous talent pool that educators and employers are searching for!

If you are a recovering Service member looking for an opportunity like this or are a Transition Coordinator and know of a recovering Service member who would benefit from E2I, please contact us at:

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