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Operation Warfigher alumnus Staff Sgt. William Castillo hugs his daughter following his Purple Heart ceremony.

“[Operation Warfighter gave me hope. It was really motivational to know that I could get a job, continue to live my life and provide for my family. Otherwise, I don’t really know what I would be doing today.” — Staff Sgt. William Castillo (Ret.), Operation Warfighter alumnus

Are you an active duty recovering Service member (RSM) looking for an internship opportunity?

Operation Warfighter (OWF) is a Department of Defense Federal internship program exclusively for RSMs.  OWF places RSMs in supportive work settings that positively impact their recovery.  Managed by OSD’s Office of Warrior Care Policy, OWF gives RSMs the chance to gain real-world, on-the-job employment experience through internships across the Federal government. 

Our 10 Regional Coordinators located across the country, will work with you to explore your potential career interests, build your resume, and provide you with opportunities for additional training, experience, and networking.  The internship opportunities will positively impact your rehabilitation and reintegration.

For those of you that return to duty, OWF gives you the training and experience that will benefit you as you continue to serve in the military.

OWF is a win-win for recovering Service members and the Federal government.

You are part of a tremendous talent pool that Federal hiring managers are searching for to fill critical vacancies – and they’re willing to train you!

If you are a recovering Service member looking for an opportunity like this or are a Transition Coordinator and know of a recovering Service member who would benefit from OWF, please contact us at: osd.pentagon.ousd-p-r.mbx.operation-war-fighter@mail.mil


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