Making career development a priority for the new year

As the time to make resolutions for a new year approaches, transitioning Service members and their families should consider making a smooth separation one of their goals for 2012.

Virtual learning opportunities from TAP are designed to help Service members and families better prepare for transition to the civilian workforce. Topics include Building Better Resumes and the Art of Career Networking.

To assist transitioning Service members in preparing for their entry into civilian life, the Office of Wounded Warrior Care and Transition Policy offers online, virtual learning opportunities through the Transition Assistance Program (TAP). These TAP “webinars” are free and open to Service members, veterans and families, whether they have already transitioned, are in the process of transitioning right now, or are looking ahead to a transition further down the road.

In January, TAP virtual learning seminars will cover a variety of topics including Building Better Resumes, Job Fair Success Strategies, and the Art of Career Networking. For a full list of sessions, please visit the TurboTAP website. Classes start on January 4.

TAP virtual learning opportunities are particularly useful for Reserve and Guard members, who are often geographically separated from their units and “brick-and-mortar” TAP delivery locations. All that is required for participation in the webinars is a computer with broadband access and a telephone line. Service members and families are encouraged to register early as classes fill up quickly.

With wounded warrior and veteran unemployment at an all-time high, we hope all Service members, veterans and families will take advantage of these unique, cost-free opportunities to get ahead in the civilian sector and the job market.

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