Opening ceremonies LIVE blog: Let the Games begin!

Photo of US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The third annual Warrior Games kick off today with opening ceremonies at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo. Speakers include General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and First Lady Michelle Obama.


2:30pm MST: The crowd is gatherin, and the ceremony is about to begin! We’re all thankful for a sunny day!

2:35pm MST: Shout out to WTC Commander General Williams, and WWR Commander Colonel Mayer who just took their seats.

2:45pm MST: Kudos to the Army Band for keeping the crowd entertained while we wait for the guests of honor!

3:02pm MST: USOC’s John Register, a Desert Storm/Desert Shield veteran and Paralympic medalist is welcoming the distinguished guests to the stand. Welcome to the Deloitte and USOC CEOs, General Dempsey and Mrs. Obama!

3:15pm MST: Following the Color Guard, the Warrior Games athletes are arriving. There is a lot of clapping the flag waving going on here!

And a big welcome to our British athlete allies, as well! In total 220 athletes and 230 family members are gathered for the Games.

3:25pm MST: Torch bearers from each Service, as well as honorary torch bearers Melissa Stockwell and Simon Maxwell have arrived. The torch is lit, and the Games are officially underway!

3:35pm MST: A moment of silence for those currently serving, and for those who lost their lives serving our country.

3:45pm MST: USOC CEO Scott Blackmun says 20 percent of Paralympic competitors at the Games in London this year will be Service men and women.

4:00pm MST: General Dempsey shares two important things with athletes: We’re proud of you, and keep it up.

4:05pm MST: For athletes, the Games are about proving their abilities to the world, and themselves. It is about ability over disability. It is an event of champions.

4:10pm MST: Michelle Obama: You rise above challenges and don’t let them slow you down. You tell me you’re not only going to walk again, you’re going to run. I’m humbled and inspired to be here.

4:15pm MST: Injuries don’t define you, they amplify you. And it’s not just about the Games and the gold. Service members and families have a platform to inspire and uplift others.

4:20pm MST: Michelle Obama to Service members and their families: America has your back. That’s the truth.

4:25pm MST: The Opening Ceremony ends with the playing of each Service hymn, and the athletes are off! Let the Games begin!