Honoring Our Veterans


A Service member salutes the flag.

Veteran’s Day is a chance to reflect on, and show gratitude for, the sacrifice of many generations of Service members, from the American Revolution to Afghanistan.

A message from John R. Campbell, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Warrior Care Policy

Veteran’s Day is a time to reflect on the continued sacrifices and commitment of all of our Service members and veterans and to be thankful for what they have done to make our country great. Today and everyday we honor a long line of heroes stretching from the American Revolution to the conflict in Afghanistan, each generation sharing unique accomplishments and also facing unique challenges. Today’s veterans have an experience like none before them, from a battlefield that is increasingly sophisticated to a job market that is increasingly competitive. One thing, however, remains constant through all the change, and that is our country’s commitment to honor them.

Service members and veterans all share an experience that provides them with a unique skillset, which makes them one of the most qualified workforces in the country. There may be no greater way to show gratitude for their service than to ensure that they are provided with a level playing field once they return home, especially when it comes to employment opportunities.  There is a trend emerging among businesses to hire veterans and wounded warriors because of the positive impact they have on the culture of an organization. The more Service members and veterans we hire, the more opportunities there will be to showcase their success in the workplace, and our ability to attract the best Service member candidates will only increase. This is why it is imperative that government and private sector employers join forces to connect qualified military and veteran candidates with the skills they need to get the jobs that need them. 

There is no doubt that America is a country that stands by her Service members and veterans. However, Veterans Day isn’t just about showing our gratitude through words, but through actions.. We must ensure that veterans and wounded warriors, who are often struggling with injuries both seen and unseen, don’t end up having to struggle to find employment as well. So today we remember the generations of veterans who have served our country on the battlefield, but also their many other contributions at home. One thing is undeniable:  when we pave the way for the success of our veterans we are paving the way for the success of our country.