DoD Warrior Games Logo Heraldry

The Department of Defense (DoD) Warrior Games 2015 logo was created to represent the spirt of the Warrior, who regardless of wounds, illness, or injury, has remained resilient.

The image of the Warrior “still in the fight” and advancing towards his or her objective was chosen to keep the focus on the Warrior him or DoD Warrior Games Logoherself, rather than the disability.  Participants in the DoD Warrior Games see themselves as “whole” and have learned through the Military Adaptive Sports Program (MASP) that this type of reconditioning has a positive impact on their mind, body, spirit, and social resilience. This “drive on” spirit embodies the Services’ and Components’ ethos and culture, a sense of Service member preparedness and readiness for any mission.

The Pentagon shape was chosen as the unifying symbol of the entire Department of Defense and gives the logo an essence of “jointness” representing the manner in which the Department fights.  This shape represents the military community, including civilian personnel, caregivers, and families’ support of the Warrior since it surrounds the central image.

The five stars represent the cornerstones of the Pentagon: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air
Force and Special Operations Command (SOCOM) who each have teams participating in the DoD Warrior Games.

The 2015 banner represents the finish line and the spirit of athletic competition which is the heart and soul of the Games.

The color blue was chosen as it mirrors the color used in the Department of Defense seal on the outer ring. The white space highlights the cutaway image of the Warrior as the central entity of the logo and the Games.  However, it should be noted that to accommodate the appearance of the logo on t-shirts and other products the logo can be transposed so that the white appears more prominently and the image of the Warrior continues to standout.