DoD Education and Employment Initiatives Drive Post-Transition Success

Peter J. McGuire, credited as “the father” of Labor Day, once said, “We must elevate the craft, protect its interests, advance wages, reduce the hours of labor, spread correct economic doctrines and cultivate a spirit of fraternity among the working people regardless of creed, color, nationality or politics.” Nearly 120 years later, America still takes great pride in honoring the social and economic achievements of American workers with the observance of Labor Day. For the Department of Defense (DoD), the economic vitality of our service members, veterans, family members, and caregivers matters today, and every day.

Finding a steady career path after separation from the military can be difficult for anyone, but it can be an extra hardship for our wounded, ill, and injured service members. As a result, DoD has made a concerted effort to offer our wounded, ill, and injured service members specialized support to help ensure each has a successful transition.

An aircraft begins its final approach before landing on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. Photo via USS Nimitz (CVN 68)

An aircraft begins its final approach before landing on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. Photo via USS Nimitz


One major example of specialized support is the Office of Warrior Care Policy’s Education and Employment Initiative (E2I). This initiative ensures service members have resume development support, are trained for civilian job interviews, increase their professional networks and, in short, are more employable.

Wounded, ill, and injured service members obtain expanded career preparation, knowledge, skills, and abilities by participating in E2I. The resulting skill-sets help to ensure a successful transition to civilian status, or return to active duty.

Federal agencies, private sector employers, and schools that support and participate in E2I develop direct connections to skilled military personnel who are productive from day one. They also reap the benefits that come from access to highly trained and reliable leaders, who produce results while working in high-stress, challenging environments.

Graphic which says: Education and Employment Fact: Since 2012, E2I has matched over 10,045 wounded, ill and injured service members with meaningful education and employment opportunities.

Given the Nation’s heightened emphasis on veteran employment, we must ensure our service members are equipped with valuable experience and marketable skills to help them succeed throughout their careers not just in their first post-separation job.

E2I provides support to wounded, ill, and injured service members to ensure they get the non-medical support they need to create the life and career they want.

On behalf of the Office of Warrior Care Policy, we wish all American workers a relaxing and enjoyable Labor Day holiday.

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