E2I Regional Coordinators


Photo of Luis Figueroa

Luis Figueroa (Region 1)

Luis Figueroa
REGION 1 – Northeast
Regional Coordinator (Contractor)
lfigueroa@manconinc.com  | (315) 427-5518

Luis is a Veteran of the United States Army, and a Trained Army Career Counselor and Recruiter. A passion for helping those who have given much in support of their country, Luis has spent the last 12 years working with numerous programs that have assisted Service Members transitioning from Active Duty, their dependents, as well as Veterans in reintegrating into the civilian arena utilizing the network of employment and educational resources that he has cultivated through the years. His previous positions have allowed him to assist those transitioning in seeking employment, further education and honing their current skillsets which have allowed them to reenter the workforce, and continue to pursue a good quality of life for themselves and their families. Luis has a very fun and friendly personality, and is able to quickly build a rapport with those he is serving, and finds contentment knowing that his interaction has helped many make a successful transition. In addition to the skills learned while in uniform, Luis is also a Certified Professional Resume Writer and uses every tool available to ensure that the Service Member receives the best services possible.


Denise Williams
REGION 2 – National Capital
Regional Coordinator (Contractor)

Denise Williams (Region 2)

Denise.l.williams8.ctr@mail.mil | (703) 223-1809

Denise Williams, an Army spouse, recently joined the Office of Warrior Care Policy team as the Education and Employment (E2I) Regional Coordinator for the National Capital Region (NCR). She is armed with over 23 years as an Army spouse, coupled with twelve years of experience in human services, program coordination, and case management; with recorded success identifying areas of improvement and supporting initiatives to compel change.

During her time with Army OneSource, she established working relationships with strategic stakeholders; including but not limited to, state and local agencies, universities, public schools, and government entities to aid Services members, Veterans and their families in the areas of behavioral health services, legal services, faith-based services, and financial services.  Based on her vast amount of experience, Denise is uniquely qualified to provide the assistance and guidance necessary to ensure a seamless transition for wounded, ill and injured Service members as they reintegrate in civilian life.


Photo of Region 3 E-2-I Regional Coordinator Albert Welcher

Albert Welcher (Region 3)

Albert “Al” Welcher
REGION 3 – Mid-Atlantic (Fort Bragg)
Regional Coordinator (Contractor)
albert.d.welcher2.ctr@mail.mil | (757) 339-4750

Albert Welcher is a man of passion and conviction whose purpose in life is to be a blessing to and serve those who have born the burden of combat. He aspires to maintain the creed of the Navy Chief which is to “take care of your people.” He retired from the United States Navy where he served for 24 years with honor and distinction at the rank and grade of Chief Petty Officer.

Albert, is well established throughout the Wounded Warrior and Recovery Care Program domain. His 10 years of federal contract program management experience and five years of front-line operational hands-on experience with Wounded Warriors and their families have been the cornerstone of his success to date with both the Navy’s initial Wounded Warrior Program called VITAL (Veterans Individual Training Assistance Link) and the Office of Secretary of Defense’s Education and Employment (E2I) and Operation Warfighter (OWF) programs.  Mr. Welcher employs four fundamental aspects of management and growth for our Wounded Warriors. They are Leading, Caring, Training, and Maintaining. He is well suited to the challenge of synchronizing on-going Wounded Warrior operations within the respective Military Treatment Facilities with the Education and Employment Initiative.

Albert resides in Suffolk, Virginia. His education includes a Master of Arts, Human Resource Management, B.S. Workforce Development and Education, and Advanced Leadership Training for Senior Enlisted Non-Commissioned Officers.


Nathan “Nate” Whiddon (Region 3)

Nathan “Nate” Whiddon
REGION 3 – Mid-Atlantic (Camp Lejeune)
Regional Coordinator (Contractor)
natewe2i@gmail.com | (252) 675-1496

Nate Whiddon is a retired Master Chief Hospital Corpsman with over 28 years of military service. He is serving as the Education and Employment (E2I) Regional Coordinator for Region 3.  Nate spent his military career working in Navy Medicine at Naval Hospitals and Clinics as well as with the Marine Corps infantry and aviation units.  Nate’s military experience in Navy Medicine and as a Command Master Chief for a Naval Health Clinic uniquely position him to assist transitioning wounded, ill or injured service members.


Lisa Goenen (Region 4)

Lisa Goenen (Region 4)

Lisa Goenen
REGION 4 – Southeast
Regional Coordinator (Contractor)
Lisa.G.Goenen.ctr@mail.mil | (520) 234-1160

Lisa Goenen served 24 years in the US Army and continues to serve as a Master Sergeant in the Army Reserves. Lisa is an Employment and Education Initiative (E2I) and Operation Warfighter (OWF) Regional Coordinator for Fort Stewart, GA, as well as installations located in Georgia, Florida and Puerto Rico. Over the past two years, serving as the First Sergeant of the Warrior Transition Battalion Community Care Unit she was instrumental in transitioning more than 200 Soldiers into the civilian sector. Lisa has developed relationships throughout communities in Georgia, Florida, and Puerto Rico and possesses the knowledge and experience to assist Service members during their transition.


Photo of Operation Warfighter regional coordinator Biff Hadden

Biff Hadden (Region 4)

Mayo “Biff” Hadden III
REGION 4 – Southeast
Regional Coordinator (Contractor)
mhadden@afsc.com | (706) 615-2455

Biff Hadden, is a retired Army Colonel and served almost 31 years in a variety of Infantry and Special Forces assignments. He recently joined the team as the Education and Employment Initiative (E2I) and Operation Warfighter (OWF) Regional Coordinator for Fort Benning, AL, MS and installations located in the FL panhandle. Over the past eight years, he has assisted a large number of soldiers matching them with employment or education opportunities as a volunteer advisor. Biff has forged relationships with a large number of employers both locally and throughout Georgia. With his economic development background, he has the experience to discuss the economic landscape in the Southeast Region, and provide the assistance and guidance necessary to ensure a seamless transition for wounded, ill and injured Service members.


Photo of Bill May Region 5 E-2-I Regional Coordinator

Bill May (Region 5)

William “Bill” May
REGION 5 – South Central
Regional Coordinator (Contractor)
WMay@manconinc.com | (682) 216-5896

Bill May is a retired Army Command Sergeant Major and serves as the Education and Employment Initiative (E2I) Regional Coordinator for the South Central Region.  Over the last two and a half years, he has assisted countless wounded, ill and injured Service members in achieving their goals toward education or employment by matching them with strategic partners and agencies that support E2I and its mission.  Bill is committed to leveraging his knowledge, experience and the relationships he has developed in the region to shape the transition and recovery goals of each Service member.


Photo of Region 6 E-2-I Regional Coordinator Lance Dowd

Lance Dowd (Region 6)

Lance Dowd
REGION 6 – Southern
E2I Regional Coordinator (Contractor)
LDowd@deloitte.com | (210) 717-4624

Lance is a retired Marine Infantry Officer.  Since 2013, he has been the Education and Employment Initiative (E2I) Regional Coordinator for the Southern Region.  He has developed strategic relationships with more than 150 employers throughout the region and has assisted more than 250 wounded, ill and injured Service members during their career transition by ensuring their readiness, matching them with opportunities, and connecting them with employers.  Lance understands the current and emerging workforce needs for the region and is well positioned to enable a smooth transition for wounded, ill and injured Service members.


Photo of Ned Hall Region 7 OWF Regional Coordinator

Ned Hall (Region 7)

Ned Hall
REGION 7 – Mid-West
Regional Coordinator (Contractor)
NHall@manconinc.com | (270) 498-6911

Ned Hall is a retired Army Sergeant Major. He is the Operation Warfighter (OWF) Regional Coordinator for the Mid-West, a position he’s held for almost two years. During this time, Ned has assisted more than 250 wounded, ill, and injured Service members matching more than 80 to internship opportunities, while developing a solid relationship with more than 50 Federal agencies in the region. He is uniquely qualified to discuss the specifics of the economic landscape in the region having been born, raised and residing there. Ned can assist the wounded, ill, and injured Service member seek new skills and opportunities for a confident and successful transition.


Elfonzo Reed (Region 8)

Elfonzo Reed
Region 8 – Great Plains/Rocky Mountain

E2I Coordinator (Contractor)
ereed@manconinc.com | 719-524-7313

Elfonzo Reed is a retired Army Finance Officer and a serves as the Education and Employment Initiative (E2I) Regional Coordinator for the Great Plains/ Rocky Mountain Region.  His last assignment in the Army was the Operations Officer for the Warrior Transition Unit. He was responsible for processing, and scheduling training for over 300 wounded, ill and injured Service members assigned to the Fort Carson Warrior Transition Unit.  As a Wounded Warrior himself, he brings a unique ability to relate to the wounded, ill and injured Service member population he services. Elfonzo is fully committed to making sure our Service members have a seamless and pleasant transition.


Ron Metternich (Region 9)

Ronald “Ron” Metternich
REGION 9 – Northwest
Regional Coordinator (Contractor)
Ronald.J.Metternich.ctr@mail.mil | (253) 302-9291

Ron Metternich is a retired Army Infantry Officer with 31 years of military service. He recently joined our team serving as the Education and Employment (E2I) Regional Coordinator for Region 9. Ron’s military background and experience working with Soldiers and their families coupled with his understanding of the current workforce needs within the region uniquely enable him to assist transitioning wounded, ill or injured Soldiers.


Sandra Ambotaite (Region 10)

Sandra Ambotaite
REGION 10 – Southwest
E2I Regional Coordinator (Contractor)
ambotaites@magellanfederal.com | (619) 548-8074

Sandra Ambotaite is an Army veteran who spent her military career working as a medical administration and operations specialist. Her experience working in the medical field as well as participating in the OWF program in 2012 uniquely prepared her and inspired her to help other recovering service members to ensure they have a seamless and successful transition. Since separating from the military, Sandra has been deeply involved in the military and veteran community within San Diego area. Sandra has been an active volunteer and an intern with different veteran/military organization as well as federal agencies such as Homeland Security and Department of State. Sandra’s education includes a Masters in Peace and Justice, B.S. in International Security and Conflict Resolution and Advanced Mediation Training.


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