The Office of Warrior Care Policy is led by a team of individuals who have dedicated their careers to ensuring that our Nation is providing its Service members with the proper resources to recover, rehabilitate, and reintegrate or transition to civilian life post-wound, -illness, or -injury.

Health Affairs

Photo of Bret Stevens Director of Disability Evaluation Systems

        Bret Stevens        Director of Disability Evaluation Systems

Photo of Al Bruner, WCP Director of Disability Evaluation Policy

        Al Bruner         Director of Disability  Evaluation Policy











Defense Health Agency

Photo of the Director of Disability Evaluation System Operations, Ms. Priscilla Berry

   Priscilla Berry     Director of Disability Evaluation System Operations

Photo of Director of Recovery Coordination Program, Ms. Sandra Mason

 Sandra Mason    Director of Recovery  Coordination Program

Photo of Barbara Wilson Director of Training and Outreach

      Barbara Wilson        Director of Training and Outreach

Placeholder for bio photo featuring Warrior Care logo

 Jonathan Morris   Director of Business Program Requirements