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OWF Regional Coordinators

James West
REGION 1 - Northeast
E2I/OWF Regional Coordinator (Contractor)

James West is a retired Army Sergeant Major with over 22 years of military service. He serves as an Education and Employment Initiative (E2I) and Operation Warfighter (OWF) Regional Coordinator for Region 1. James' military background and experience working with Soldiers and their families enable him to assist transitioning wounded, ill, or injured Soldiers. Also, from personal experience going through a medical retirement, he knows how overwhelming it can be to transition out of the military while maintaining medical requirements. James is committed to leveraging his knowledge of medical transitioning service members and his ties to the community to ensure every service member successfully transitions from the military.

James West Region 1
Justin Williams, RN
REGION 2 - Fort Belvoir and Northeast
E2I/OWF Regional Coordinator (Contractor)

Justin is a retired Navy Nurse Corps Lieutenant with 22 years of dedicated service, including experience in multiple combat deployments as an enlisted Marine. He brings a wealth of knowledge from his background in healthcare and program analysis. Justin is deeply committed to the well-being of service members, having personally navigated the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) and transition to civilian life. His unique perspective from both caregiving at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) and his own recovery journey, enhances his ability to support and guide recovering service members. 
Justin Williams Region 2
Antoinette Watson
REGION 1 and 3 - Mid-Atlantic 
Regional Coordinator (Contractor)

Antoinette is a retired Army First Sergeant with over 23 years of service in the Medical Corps. She serves as an Education and Employment Initiative (E2I) and Operation Warfighter (OWF) Regional Coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic. Her experience in the Military and as a Recovery Care Coordinator will be beneficial in assisting Servicemembers with their educational, training, or employment goals. Antoinette is dedicated to the success of Servicemembers achieving their goals as they transition from Military Service. 

Antoinette Watson (Region 3)
Marq McLeod
REGION 3 - Mid-Atlantic 
Regional Coordinator (Contractor)

Marquadealsandro “Marq” McLeod is a retired 1SG with the United States Army. Marq retired from the United States Army after 24 years of active-duty service. Marq has held a myriad of positions, but none were more rewarding and influential than serving as 1SG. He has assisted a countless number of service members by matching them with employment, education, and internship opportunities. He researches emerging workforce trends and is committed to providing the assistance necessary to ensure a seamless transition for service members. He continues to leverage his knowledge, experience, and relationships within the region to ensure service members can forecast future endeavors.

Marq McLeod (Region 3)

Lisa Goenen
REGION 4 - Southeast
Regional Coordinator (Contractor)


Lisa Goenen served 24 years in the US Army and continues to serve as a Master Sergeant in the Army Reserves. Lisa is an Employment and Education Initiative (E2I) and Operation Warfighter (OWF) Regional Coordinator for Fort Stewart, GA, as well as installations located in Georgia, Florida and Puerto Rico. Over the past two years, serving as the First Sergeant of the Warrior Transition Battalion Community Care Unit she was instrumental in transitioning more than 200 Soldiers into the civilian sector. Lisa has developed relationships throughout communities in Georgia, Florida, and Puerto Rico and possesses the knowledge and experience to assist Service members during their transition.

Lisa Goenen (Region 4)

Ebony McMillian
REGION 4 – Southeast
Regional Coordinator (Contractor)

Ebony McMillian is a dynamic and enthusiastic Military Spouse of a Retired Army Sergeant First Class, with over 15 years of pragmatic experience in talent management, process improvement, training, and development. Ebony has firsthand experience serving as the Medical Support Assistant to Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officers (PEBLO) for the Medical Treatment Facility (MTF). During this tenure, she's educated service members, veterans, and military families who are processed through the Integrated Physical Disability Evaluation System (IDES) on their personal rights, benefits, and privileges. She is knowledgeable and skilled in assisting recovering and transitioning service members with setting and achieving their educational, vocational, and/or career goals. 

Ebony McMillian (Region 4)
Eric Gehring
REGION 5 - South Central
Regional Coordinator (Contractor)

Eric Gehring is a retired Army Master Sergeant. Eric has personally assisted numerous wounded, ill, and injured Service members by assisting with achieving their career goals through federal internships. Eric is committed to leveraging his knowledge, experience, and the relationships he has developed with federal agencies in the region to shape the transition and recovery goals of each Service member to achieve success.

Eric Gehring Region 5
Erasmos Valles
REGION 6 - Southern
Regional Coordinator (Contractor)

Erasmo Valles is a retired Marine officer and has worked as the Operation Warfighter (OWF) Southern Regional Coordinator for over four years. He also has experience assisting wounded, ill and injured Service members and their families as a Recovery Care Coordinator. Erasmo has worked to assist hundreds of wounded, ill and injured Service members recover and transition into new careers. He has built solid working relationships with federal agencies and employers in the region that have led to successful internships and potential employment opportunities that positively impact the reintegration process.

Lance Dowd (Region 6)
(703) 397-6499
Ned Hall 
REGION 7 - Mid-West
Regional Coordinator

Ned Hall is a retired Army Sergeant Major. He is the Operation Warfighter (OWF) Regional Coordinator for the Mid-West. Ned has assisted more than 250 wounded, ill, and injured Service members matching them to internship opportunities, while developing a solid relationship with more than 50 federal agencies in the region. He is uniquely qualified to discuss the specifics of the economic landscape in the region having been born, raised, and currently residing there. Ned can assist the wounded, ill, and injured Service member seek new skills and opportunities for a confident and successful transition.

Ned Hall (Region 7)
Daniel Stellabotte
Region 8 - Great Plains/Rocky Mountain
Regional Coordinator (Contractor)

Dan is a retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant now serving as (OWF) Regional Coordinator for Region 8 Rocky Mountain and Great Plains Region which covers ND, SD, NE, KS, WY, UT, and CO. Having served for 28 years, he embraced his passion for helping people, especially as the Career Assistance Advisor, where he assisted countless Airmen and service members with transition assistance, educational opportunities, and career guidance. Serving as a Medical Group Senior Enlisted Leader, and having personally experienced the medical review board, he understand the demands and and uncertainties transitioning service members face. After two tours totaling 15 years in the Colorado area, Dan has established significant partnerships, and is here to ensure a succesful transition for service members and their loved ones. "Family is my core, people are my passion, and together we make a difference!" - Daniel Stellabotte

Daniel Stellabotte Region 8
Ramon Ubaldo
REGION 9 - Northwest
OWF Regional Coordinator (Contractor)

Ramon is a retired 1SG after 20 years of Active-Duty service in the United States Army in the Armor and Cavalry community. He recently joined Operation Warfighter (OWF) Regional Coordinator for the Northwest Region. His dedication to the overall success of transitioning service members plays a vital role in building rapport and trust to achieve their goals. His goal is to build solid relationships with federal agencies in the region which will enhance the ability to provide successful support and transition for our wounded, ill and injured service members. In his previous role with the Work for Warriors program he has served and assisted numerous service members, veterans, and families enhancing their well-being by mitigating unemployment and under employment that negatively impacted their lives. 

Ramon Ubaldo Region 9
Sandra Ambotaite
Region 10 - Southwest

Coordinator (Contractor)

Sandra Ambotaite is an Army veteran who spent her military career working as a medical administration and operations specialist. Her experience working in the medical field as well as participating in the OWF program in 2012 uniquely prepared her and inspired her to help other recovering Service members to ensure they have a seamless and successful transition. Since separating from the military, Sandra has been deeply involved in the military and veteran community within the San Diego area. Sandra has been an active volunteer and an intern with different veteran/military organization as well as federal agencies such as Homeland Security and Department of State. Sandra’s education includes a Masters in Peace and Justice, B.S. in International Security and Conflict Resolution and Advanced Mediation Training.

Sandra Ambotaite Region 10


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