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Recovery Coordination

The Recovery Coordination Program (RCP) provides the support of Recovery Care Coordinators (RCCs) to wounded, ill, and injured service members to ensure they get the non-medical support they need to create the life they want.

Recovery Care Coordinators from various Military Departments pose together following completion of the November 2016 Recovery Care Coordinator Training, hosted by DOD Warrior Care.

Comprehensive Recovery Plan

The Recovery Care Coordinators work closely with each service member, families, and recovery team to develop a Comprehensive Recovery Plan (CRP). This plan identifies the Service members’ and families’ goals and the resources they need to achieve them, such as assistive technology, education, employment, or housing. The RCC uses the plan to guide service members and their families along the road to recovery, rehabilitation, and return to duty or reintegration into the civilian community.

Service members who have serious or catastrophic wounds, illnesses, or injuries are eligible to receive the support of an RCC. Service members may self-refer or be referred by medical or administrative personnel, military service wounded, ill, and injured program staff, or a family member.

RCCs are available at military treatment facilities and installations across the country. They work within the military services’ wounded, ill, and injured programs including:

Department of Defense Case Management Solution (DOD-CMS)

We have—along with the services’ wounded, ill, and injured programs—worked to develop DOD-CMS, an online tool that automates comprehensive recovery plan workflow and reporting for RCP Case Managers. It provides secure, web-based access to all care management, comprehensive needs assessment, and comprehensive recovery plan tools of the Recovery Coordination Program.

DOD-CMS empowers Case Managers to provide effective, coordinated support to wounded, ill, and injured service members and their families. By streamlining data collection and improving RCP oversight and resource management, DOD-CMS helps ensure that there is sufficient staff to address and meet the needs of wounded, ill, and injured service members.

Benefits of DOD-CMS include:

  • online access to all necessary care management forms;
  • elimination of duplicative, hand-written paperwork;
  • interface capability with other case management systems already in use across the military services;
  • quality controlled tracking of met and unmet recovering service member goals; and
  • transparent reporting on the needs of recovering service members and families, which allows care coordinators and the services’ wounded, ill, and injured programs to develop best practices.

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