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Service Programs

Each military service has a Wounded Warrior Program to specifically address the needs of wounded, ill, and injured service members, as well their families and caregivers. Learn more below.

  • U.S. Army Recovery Care Program (ARCP) manages recovery and complex care for wounded, ill, and injured soldiers across all Army components. ARCP transitions Soldiers back to the force and/or to veteran status, through a comprehensive program of medical case management/rehabilitation management, professional development, and achievement of personal goals. The program also provides resources and advocacy for families and caregivers of Soldiers recovering in the program.
  • U.S. Navy Wounded Warrior (NWW) is the Navy’s sole organization for coordinating the non-medical care of seriously wounded, ill, and injured sailors and coast guardsmen and for providing resources and support to their families. Through proactive leadership, the program provides individually-tailored assistance designed to optimize the success of the wounded warriors’ recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration activities.
  • U.S. Air Force Wounded Warrior (AFW2) Program (Air Force and Space Force) works together with the Military & Family Readiness Centers and the Air Force Medical Service to provide concentrated non-medical care and support for seriously or very seriously wounded, ill, and injured airmen and guardians, as well as their caregivers and their families, as they recover and transition back to duty or into civilian life. The Department of the Air Force defines a wounded warrior as “any airman or guardian who is seriously wounded, ill, or injured that may require a Medical Evaluation Board/Physical Evaluation Board to determine fitness for duty.”
  • U.S. Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment (USMC_WWR) provides leadership and ensures compliance with laws and Department of Defense (DOD) regulations related to the support, recovery, and non-medical care of combat and non-combat wounded, ill, and injured Marines, sailors attached to Marine units, and their family members in order to maximize their recovery as they return to duty or transition to civilian life.
  • U.S. Special Operation Command (SOCOM) Warrior Care Program (Care Coalition) was established to provide Special Operations Forces (SOF) wounded, ill, or injured service members and their families advocacy after life changing events in order to navigate through recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration as quickly as possible, strengthening SOF readiness. Whether service members are returning to operational status, moving into a different field, or transitioning into veteran status, the USSOCOM Warrior Care Program (Care Coalition) will help them get there.