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Military Caregiver Support

Providing resources and information for military caregivers who assist wounded, ill and injured Service members 

The Department of Defense (DOD) provides resources and information exclusively for military caregivers who assist wounded, ill and injured service members with activities of daily living. Since 2013, DOD’s support for military caregivers has positively impacted thousands of lives by addressing key issues that affect caregivers in the short and long term. These issues often include finances, education, employment, transportation, maintaining a strong family, keeping mentally and physically healthy, navigating through legal issues, and housing.


DOD's support to military caregivers includes the Caregiver Resource Directory, the Military Caregiver PEER Forum Initiative, monthly Military Caregiver Virtual PEER Forums, caregiver-related events, and specialized resources.

The Caregiver Resource Directory is a compilation of the most common military caregiver support resources. The reference guide can be found online. The directory has been circulated to over 150,000 individuals in need of assistance.


Military Caregiver PEER (Personalized Experiences, Engagement and Resources) Forums are coordinated efforts among DOD Warrior Care, Military Community and Family Policy, the military Services and U.S. Special Operations Command, to establish virtual and in-person opportunities for military caregivers to convene, converse among their peers, share resources and best practices, and provide support for the challenges they face as military caregivers. 


PEER Support Coordinators (PSCs) are individuals who are deployed to 10 geographical regions to provide regionalized support to military caregivers and caregiver stakeholders. PSCs assist in convening Military Caregiver PEER Forums, conduct outreach activities for caregivers, identify & report on gaps in support, assist in locating and providing information on military caregiver support services, and act as the military caregivers’ point of contact for his/her region


Getting involved: There is a large and active community of caregivers. It is a community that can be empowering and influential. Military caregivers should contact a member of the DoD military caregiver team at OSD.Caregiver@mail.mil to learn more about caregiver support, find local PEER Forums, and RSVP for Virtual PEER Forums. Agencies and organizations who want to support military caregivers should visit the following websites for more information: www.warriorcare.mil, www.health.mil/warriorcare, and nrd.gov