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PEER Support Coordinators

Peer Support Coordinators (PSCs) are individuals  who are deployed to 10 geographical regions to provide regionalized support to military caregivers and caregiver stakeholders. PSCs assist in convening Military Caregiver PEER Forums, conduct outreach activities for caregivers, identify & report on gaps in support, assist in locating & providing information on military caregiver support services, and act as the military caregivers’ point of contact for his/her region.


Photo of Tonia Russell Region 1 PEER Support Coordinator for Military Caregiver PEER Support
Telephone: 315-481-1585 Tonia.d.russell2.ctr@mail.mil RussellTD@magellanfederal.com

Tonia Russell
REGION 1 – Northeast

PEER Support Coordinator (Contractor)

Tonia Russell has a Master’s degree in Human Relations and previously taught high school English. Tonia serves as the PEER Support Coordinator for Region 1, which includes MD, DE, MA, NY and NJ.  As a military spouse, mother, and daughter, Tonia has worked with military families for more than 20 years.  Tonia has assisted more than 50 caregivers and helped with multiple resources for various needs.  As a caregiver herself, Tonia feels that it is an honor to serve other caregivers in her region and give them a voice. Tonia also runs a food pantry that serves active duty service members, Veterans, and military families in her local area.


Photo of Tonia Russell Region 1 PEER Support Coordinator for Military Caregiver PEER Support
Telephone: 210-214-6680

Tabetha Lamb
REGION 3 – East South Central

PEER Support Coordinator (Contractor)

Tabetha Lamb is the PEER Support Coordinator covering Region 3, serving Texas, New Mexico, and Louisiana.  She holds a Masters in Counseling with research emphasis on PTSD and Military Communities, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  She has an extensive background in resilience and mindfulness training as both a Master Resilience Trainer and graduate of a Mindfulness Based Attention Program.  She was previously embedded with the Air Force Wounded Warrior Program as a Caregiver Coordinator and has contributed to the United States Air Force Resilience Training Curriculum.  She brings her depth of knowledge of military culture, needs of military families, supportive resources, and networks to Caregivers within the Joint Wounded Warrior Service communities of Region 3.

Andrea Ryan
REGION 5 – East/West Central

Photo of Glenn Romano Region 3 PEER Support Coordinator for Military Caregiver Support
Telephone: 719-323-4760 Andrea.K.Ryan.ctr@mail.mil RyanAK@magellanfederal.com
PEER Support Coordinator (Contractor)

Andrea Ryan is the Peer Support Coordinator for region 5, which covers Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Utah, and both North and South Dakota. She is a USAF veteran who has been involved with the military community her entire life, and has dedicated her time and education to human services, which includes a bachelors in sociology and working towards her masters degree in Social Work. Her experience includes working with mental health facilities, addiction programs, family services, chronic homelessness, at risk elderly, as well as veterans and other service members. She is certified in various mental health interventions and services to include: cognitive and dialectical behavior therapies, ACT, mindfulness, and focused on LENs treatment along with collaborating with Millennial Genetic Services to focus on the science and correlation between genetics and mental health treatment. Andrea has also focused on working with PTSD concerning the veteran population and treatments to treat it.


Andrea has experience with multiple roles in the military community from being active duty herself, being a dependent of a military parent, and also being a military spouse, giving her a unique understanding of both service members, spouses, and children. She has lived in Colorado for about 7 years and grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota, so she is familiar with the region she supports and resources available within the communities she services. She has been the PSC for region 5 since February of this year and looks forward to continuing to help caregivers and their families with their needs and concerns.


Photo of Jamela Davis Region 7 PEER Support Coordinator for Military PEER Support
RSmoot@amsgcorp.net Rhonda.J.Smooth.ctr@mail.mil

Rhonda Smoot
REGION 6 – Southwest

PEER Support Coordinator (Contractor)

Ms. Rhonda Smoot is the PEER Support Coordinator for Region 6, covering the states of California, Nevada, and Hawaii. Rhonda holds a Masters of Public Health and Bachelor of Science in Health Education degrees, has 20+ years experience in the medical field, and the creator and Project Coordinator of “The Gate to Bridge Project” (G2B). Ms. Smoot, also, continues to support her son and family as a family caregiver. With her combined experience in the medical field and skill at connecting with local Veteran and Military Communities, it led her to her current position has PEER Support Coordinator with the DoD Warrior Care Program. 


Photo of Jamela Davis Region 7 PEER Support Coordinator for Military PEER Support
Telephone: 254-258-9270 Jamela.s.davis.ctr@mail.mil DavisJS@magellanfederal.com

Jamela Davis
REGION 7 – West South Central

PEER Support Coordinator (Contractor)

Jamela Davis is an active duty military spouse of 18 years and has a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. She is the Peer Support Coordinator for Region 7, which includes North Texas, Arizona and Oklahoma. Jamela has personally assisted and supported numerous caregivers of wounded, ill and injured Service members by providing resources in finance, education and employment. Through her efforts, she is able elaborate on the range of challenges that impact caregivers and their families on a daily basis.


photo of peer support coordinator
Telephone: 703-604-5687 Belinda.y.sell.ctr@mail.mil SellBY@magellanfederal.com

Belinda Sell
REGION 8 – National Capital

PEER Support Coordinator (Contractor)

Belinda Sell is the Peer Support Coordinator, Region 8 (NCR) which includes, Washington, DC, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.  She is a US Army Veteran, a spouse of a Veteran and a mother of a Gulf War Wounded Warrior. Belinda knows all too well what it means to have the perils of war shake your very foundation.  She has served as a caregiver for her son off and on for nearly a decade.  Belinda holds a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management and has over 20 years of experience in Healthcare Administration.  She served as Director, Ambulatory Services, Business Developer, Managed Care Analyst, and Business Office Manager.

PEER Support Coordinator for Military Caregiver PEER Support
Telephone: 910-709-2142 max.r.dolan.ctr@mail.milDolan MR@magellanfederal.com

Max Dolan
REGION 9 – Mid-Atlantic

PEER Support Coordinator (Contractor)

Max Dolan is retired from the US Army and has degrees in Law Enforcement, Management and MIS.  He is the PEER Support Coordinator for Region 9, which includes North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. Max has personally assisted over 100 caregivers with referrals for resources. He has developed a network of approximately 500 stakeholders across the four states that he supports. He is unique in that he has a long history of providing services that includes vocational rehabilitation employment counseling, many years of experience as a training center instructor and director, and VA benefits counseling.

PEER Support Coordinator for Military Caregiver PEER Support
Telephone: 703-483-5978 Bobby.D.Silva.ctr@mail.mil SilvaBD@magellanfederal.com

Bobby Silva

REGION 10 – Northwest

PEER Support Coordinator (Contractor)

Bobby Silva has worked with Soldiers and their dependents for most of his adult life.  Within the past 5 years, after retiring from Active Duty in the US Army, Bobby has served as an US Army Wounded Warrior Advocate providing support to Veterans, military families, caregivers, and severely wounded, ill,  and injured Soldiers working to reach a state of self-sufficiency during their recovery and reintegration process.  Bobby is the PEER Support Coordinator for Region 10 which includes Washington, Alaska, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho.  He looks forward to assisting Military Caregivers and to help them connect to resources that may affect their everyday life as well as the Military Member.

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