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Share Your Story: The Resilient Military Wife

Feb. 4, 2015 | By timpearce
VIRIN: 150204-N-ZZ098-5789
This story was shared by Patti Katter: "I met my husband just as he was getting out of the United States Marine Corps. He was in Force Recon while in the Marines. I never really understood the extensive training my husband had in the USMC until years later. My husband became a civilian police officer after he served in the Marines. He was a great police officer. Very well respected in the community where we lived in Michigan. Post 9/11, my husband decided to join the military once again. He wanted to help people who were being harmed by terrorists. He enjoyed his job as a police officer, but knew our country needed more soldiers during a time of war. Ken loved training, he was great soldier, he rapidly advanced in rank and loved his job. Ken deployed to Iraq in August of 2006, he served in Iraq for just over 14 months. Many soldiers in my husbands unit were killed and injured. Ken was wounded in May of 2007 while serving in Iraq and was awarded a Purple Heart. During his deployment, I stayed busy making Red-Line phone calls, attending funerals and helping with funeral meals. I also helped several of our injured soldiers as they were sent home from Iraq. I built a strong bond with many of the soldiers and their wives from my husbands unit and still continue to talk to many of them all of these years later. In April of 2007, nine soldiers in my husbands unit were killed. At that point, I knew that our military wives were in need of as much support as possible to deal with the losses of war. I started a local support group for military wives in the Fayetteville, NC area near Fort Bragg. As time went on, I realized that some sort of long term support network for our military veterans and their families would be necessary. Since 2007, I've volunteered with three different organizations who help veterans transition from military to civilian life. Many veterans have been able to talk to me because they know that I really care, and I do understand. I encourage anyone who is struggling during life after war to find a nonprofit organization that helps other military veterans and their families. Not only will you find support for yourself, you will be able to help others in their journey during life after war. I am now employed with a fantastic military based nonprofit organization. While my husband is retired from the military, we are forever a military family. Strong, courageous and resilient." ____________________________________ The Office of Warrior Care Policy wants to share your success with the world! If you are a wounded, ill or injured Service member or veteran, caregiver, or family member just e-mail your story to for consideration. If your post is selected, we will share your story on the Warrior Care blog for all to see. Tell us about your triumph over adversity, a special moment in your recovery, an adaptive sport that you’ve participated in, an art project that you’re proud of, or any other success that you want to share. Disclaimer