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Human Performance Optimization for Wounded, Ill, and Injured

Sept. 15, 2015 | By timpearce
VIRIN: 150727-N-ZZ098-6041
  While your definition of “performance” is likely to change many times throughout your military career and your lifetime, it’s important to be ready and resilient for whatever challenge comes along. Whether preparing for deployment, recovering from injury, or being a supportive family member and/or caregiver, you can always improve and aim to achieve “human performance optimization” (HPO). It’s important in every aspect of developing resilience, healing, adapting, and serving. If you’re wounded, ill, injured, or a caregiver, the resilience that comes with HPO helps you adapt to a new normal. The Human Performance Resource Center (HPRC) provides evidence-based, practical HPO information for any stage of the recovery process, whether it’s for the service member regaining mental and physical strength or the caregiver who’s trying to balance work and life with loved ones. The information on HPRC’s website is based on sound science and accepted practices across 6 topic areas that all contribute to HPO, including proper nutrition, physical activity, healthy families and relationships, and mental resilience. The website also features an “Ask the Expert” button where users can submit questions if they can’t find the answer on HPRC’s website. Visit HPRC for more information on HPO for service members and their families.