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Honoring over 670,000 World War II Wounded Warriors on the 67th Anniversary of Normandy

June 7, 2011 | By kobylangley
Yesterday marked the 67th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, a number of Veterans who took part in the invasion gathered at Normandy to mark the occasion. In an AP story, World War II veterans and US Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) commemorated the D-Day "landings in Normandy at an iconic and eroding cliff." The visit was "one of several events along the coast Monday marking 67 years since Allied forces landed on a swath of beaches in Nazi-occupied France." Kerry and the veterans visited "Pointe du Hoc, where elite US Rangers scaled jagged cliffs in one of the most trying missions of the invasion." Let us take this moment this week, to reflect and remember those men and women who served so bravely to protect our freedom. Let us remember those, from all stages of our history who have given their lives to pave the way to where we are now as a nation. In particular, time is running out to thank our surviving World War II Veterans and to remember the sacrifices made by them, their families and their fallen comrades. There were nearly 672,000 Wounded Warriors from World War II. Take some time this weekend to read their stories and appreciate the magnitude of their sacrifice. We honor them by remembering them.

[youtube _VoWKh_T6aA]