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TBI: 4 Minutes Worth Your Time

July 29, 2011 | By paulchen
By Arturo R. Murguia In Line of Departure, COL David Maxwell writes about the devastating long term effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries. He also introduces us to Major Darren Baldwin, a Special Forces soldier who was hit by IEDs twice in 9 days. Over time, his body began to falter and tragically, he was misdiagnosed with other diseases. He was experiencing the symptoms of TBI. This video should be required viewing for all Service members and Veterans who may have experienced a concussive blast while serving in the Global War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. Fortunately, Major Baldwin has one heck of a battle buddy in his wife, Bianca Baldwin. Major Baldwin represents the grit and determination of our warriors. He is a true American hero. If anyone wonders what the families of wounded warriors endure, look no further than Mrs. Baldwin. Mrs. Baldwin is a pillar of strength and the quintessential example of the military spouse.