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Obama Administration Announces New Initiatives To Get Veterans Back To Work

Oct. 26, 2011 | By francesjohnson
The White House announced yesterday two new initiatives to help our Nation’s veterans get back to work. Through the Community Health Center Veterans Hiring Challenge, Community Health Centers across the country have committed to hiring 8,000 veterans by 2013, for an average of one veteran per Community Health Center. The National Association of Community Health Centers joined President Obama in making this announcement Community health centers help ensure access to primary health care services at more than 8,000 delivery sites across the country, including many in underserved and low-income communities. In 2010, Community Health Centers employed more than 130,000 staff, including many veterans, who serve as physician assistants, administrators, pharmacy directors, outreach workers, eligibility assistance workers, patient support staff and health center CEOs. In addition, the Obama Administration has announced a program to help veterans with medic experience become physician assistants. The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has pledged to open up opportunities for veterans to become physician assistants by giving priority in physician assistant grant awards to colleges and universities with expedited curricula that help train veterans for careers as physician assistants. The Administration will also work to identify model programs and help share those best practices with all physician assistant programs to help replicate these models across the country. HRSA will start by providing technical assistance to more than 21 institutions beginning the week of Veterans Day. For more information about both of these initiatives, please visit the White House online briefing room. For more information about education and employment opportunities for Wounded Warriors through the Office of Wounded Warrior Care and Transition policy, please go here.