2018 Warrior Games #WiiLLPOWER

The Road To Warrior Games 2018 – #WiiLLPOWER

Wounded, ill or injured service members from the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Special Operations held their respective trials to prepare and select their teams to compete in the 2018 DoD Warrior Games.The games feature competition in archery, cycling, field, shooting, sitting volleyball, swimming, track and wheelchair basketball. The DoD Warrior Games are being held at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO, June 1 – June 9, 2018.

Athlete Profiles


Army Major Lee Harvey – Team SOCOM

After sustaining a variety of injuries to his shoulder and legs that required multiple surgeries and a knee replacement, Army Major Lee Harvey opted to tackle adaptive sports as a key component in his recovery. Harvey will compete for Team SOCOM in weight lifting, rowing, cycling and wheelchair volleyball.

PO1 Tyson Schmidt – Team Navy

Despite losing the lower portion of his right leg in an accident while on duty, Navy PO1 Tyson Schmidt has utilized a variety of adaptive sports to promote his recovery. Schmidt will compete in rowing, lifting, archery and sitting volleyball.


TSgt Russell Logan & MSgt Ben Seekel – Team Air Force

In May of 2011, USAF TSgt Russell Logan and MSgt Ben Seekel were on the same patrol in Afghanistan. Both suffered lower leg injuries from IEDs within minutes of each other. After bonding through their recoveries, Seekel immediately became active in military adaptive sports. He later convinced Logan to try them and now Logan represents Team Air Force, while Seekel serves as a coach and mentor for the team.

SSgt Michael Barefoot – Team Marine Corps

Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Michael Barefoot has utilized military adaptive sports in overcoming the challenges of PTSD and TBI’s. He has discovered a renewed sense of purpose and focus through focusing his attention down range in preparation for competition in archery and air rifle.


SrA Heather Carter – Team Air Force

Senior Airman Heather Carter is representing the Air Force at the 2018 DoD Warrior Games. Her recovery from a severe knee injury that led to amputation has been bolstered by military adaptive sports. Carter will compete in sitting volleyball and cycling.

AN Chance Field – Team Navy

After a devastating auto accident in 2006 that left him paralyzed from the waist down, Navy veteran Chance Field wasted little time taking up adaptive sports. Field’s recovery has taken him to various sports competitions around the world. He will be competing in cycling, track & field and wheelchair basketball.


SSgt Vincent Cavasos – Team Air Force

After being brutally assaulted by a gang and thrown off the top of a building in New York City, Air Force Staff Sergeant Vincent Cavazos is living proof that military adaptive sports can accelerate recovery. Cavazos remains in active duty and will represent the USAF in archery, track & field and weight lifting.

MSG Henry Taylor – Team SOCOM

Despite dealing with a multitude of injuries that include TBI, PTSD, bilateral Achilles tendon repairs plus shoulder and spinal injuries, veteran Henry Taylor has actively embraced a path to rehabilitation and community through military adaptive sports. Taylor competes for Team SOCOM in air rifle & pistol and sitting volleyball.

Corporal Tisha Knickerbocker – Team Marine Corps

Despite enduring traumatic injuries to her spine and legs, USMC Corporal Tisha Knickerbocker, was able to renew her passion for basketball by engaging in military adaptive sports. Knickerbocker discovered a passion for other sports as well during her journey to recovery and represents Team Marine Corps in cycling, sitting volleyball as well as wheelchair basketball.