May Clinic: Wheelchair Rugby

MASP presents to you, Wheelchair Rugby. Although we are implementing social distancing, now is a great time to learn about Wheelchair Rugby. Our professional coaches will be showing you exercises you can do at home and with your family to keep you active and prepared for the upcoming Warrior Games!

About The Coaches

Coach Joe Delagrave

With his many medals and accolades, Joe can proudly proclaim that he is the only athlete to ever earn the USQRA Athlete of the Year Award twice.  Joe has a passion for leadership, and has served as a co-captain of the the United States of America Wheelchair Rugby Team (USAWR) for 7 years.

Coach Anthony McDaniel

Coach Anthony McDaniels, a retired U.S. Marine Sgt., competed at the 2016 and 2017 Invictus Games as part of Team US and has gone on to impart his knowledge to his fellow wounded warriors.

Get Started Here:

Get started by blocking out time to watch and study Coach Joe Delagrave’s Training video!

MASP’s Site Coordinator, Patrick Johnson, has a live discussion about Wheelchair Rugby with coaches and athlete!