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Military Caregiver Support

The Department of Defense (DoD) provides resources and information exclusively for military caregivers who assist wounded, ill and/or injured Service members with activities of daily living. DoD’s Military Caregiver Support includes the Military Caregiver PEER (Personalized Experiences, Engagement, and Resources) Forum Initiative , the Caregiver Resource Directory, monthly Military Caregiver Virtual Forums, as well as Military Caregiver webinars, events and specialized resources.

Caregiver Resource Directory (CRD)

The CRD is designed to help empower military caregivers with information about national and local resources and programs specifically for them. Topics include: helplines, advocacy and benefit information, career transitions and employment, military caregiver support, children’s needs, education and training, financial support, rest and relaxation, and others. 

You can access the 2022 CRD online here or request CRD(s) at OSD.Caregiver@mail.mil.

Monthly Military Caregiver Virtual PEER Forums

Military caregivers may join their peers through virtual teleconference lines during forums scheduled on the first Thursday of every month at 11 a.m. and the fourth Thursday of every month at 2 p.m. Virtual Peer Forums allow Caregivers to share their expertise and network with others who are experiencing similar challenges. 

Contact us to RSVP.

Military Caregiver PEER (Personalized Experiences, Engagement and Resources) Forum Initiative 

The Military Caregiver PEER Forum Initiative utilizes Military Family Life Counselors to organize and conduct forums that provide non-medical counseling opportunities for military caregivers. At these forums, attendees discuss topics they would like to focus on, such as managing stress, nutrition, financial wellness, and employment, among other topics. The Military Caregiver PEER Forums aim to reduce stress, provide emotional support, and be a resource for valuable information through guided discussion among military caregivers, allowing them to share practical, accurate, and thorough information based on their personal experiences.

Click here to find a forum near you.


Military Caregivers Needed

Do you care for, help, or provide assistance to a service member or veteran who served after October 2001? If so, you may be eligible to participate in a study requested by Congress.  The study is currently recruiting family members, friends, or significant others who help a service member or veteran who served after October 2001, especially those who have had a TBI and/or a PTSD diagnosis.  The help you provide may include full or part time caregiving, assistance with any day to day activity such as dressing, managing emotions, flashbacks, personality changes, anger/irritability, housework, remembering things, taking medications, managing money, providing financial assistance, running errands, shopping, transportation, or preparing meals.

If you or someone you know may be interested, please call (855) 821-1469.

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