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Top 5 Federal Agencies Who Support Service Members Through Operation Warfighter

June 1, 2015 | By glancaster
VIRIN: 130924-N-ZZ098-5123
Federal agencies that offer internships to qualified wounded, ill and injured Service members have become a driving force in aiding many Service members through their recovery process and transition to civilian life. Through Operation Warfighter (OWF), a Department of Defense (DoD) Federal internship program, federal agencies host about 600 interns each month at more than 225 locations throughout the United States.  Managed by the Office of Warrior Care Policy, OWF meets the intent of two Executive Orders (EO). -          EO 13518: Employment of Veterans in the Federal Government -          EO 13548: Increasing Federal Employment of Individuals with Disabilities   To date, OWF has developed working relationships with roughly 900 federal agencies and offices to cultivate internship opportunities that are the right fit for the OWF intern and the agency. Currently, the top five Federal agencies supporting OWF internships are: Top Five Federal Agencies
VIRIN: 150527-N-ZZ098-5919
  1. Department of Defense
  2. Department of Justice
  3. Department of Homeland Security
  4. Department of Veterans Affairs
  5. Department of Agriculture
  OWF stimulates recovery for wounded, ill and injured Service members outside of traditional physical and psychological care. OWF is designed to ensure Service members maximize their recovery time, gain valuable work experience and develop new skills while they are still on active duty. And while the program provides a great head start on career options should Service members transition from active duty to civilian life, it also provides many benefits to federal agencies. Benefits for Federal Agencies Supporting OWF -          Support Service members - Demonstrates support for military Service and the sacrifices of wounded, ill and injured Service members -          Acquire new talent - Provides access to dedicated and disciplined talent with diverse experiences -          No cost to the agency – Allows for access to talent through non-paid, no-promise-of-employment Federal internships -          Discover new skills - Exposes agencies to unique skills, training, certifications and new ways of thinking about challenges and solutions   OWF internships make a long-term positive impact on the Service member’s life, their family’s life and the community, but that couldn’t be done without the support of federal agencies. For more information on how your agency can acquire non-paid internship talent while supporting wounded, ill and injured Service members, contact OWF at